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Walking J Turbo Blanket for ATT


Walking J Customers know that high intake temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures will decrease power and eventually damage a hard working diesel motor.  How about an affordable solution?


  •  Would you like more power?  
  • Lower underhood temperatures?  
  • Lower intake temperatures?  
  • Lower Exhaust Gas temperatures?  
  • Faster Spooling Turbo?
  • Custom perfect fit!  
  • Easy quick install!

The Walking J A Team Turbo Blanket helps control exhaust heat resulting in faster turbo spool, no more melted wires, cooler intake charge temps, and lower under hood temps. The blanket makes an instant noticeable difference in turbo spool time. Direct fit, no trimming necessary, comes with two stainless springs to hold it on. The Turbo Sock is constructed of three layers high temperature silica cloth and blanket material. The top layer is a 24 oz. silica cloth with a herringbone pattern for abrasion resistance, capable of a continuous 2000 degrees and short excursions to 3000, sprayed with a black coating capable of 2000 degrees. The middle layer is a 1/2 needled silica blanket also capable of 2000 continuous and short excursions to 3000. The bottom layer is a 36 oz. satin silica cloth, with the same capabilities as the other two layers.