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KOJO Tuning - 6.5 Diesels Customized for you!

$399.00 - $1,349.00


It has been some time since we’ve had a true advance in 6.5 diesel tuning. Leave it to a crazed gaggle of 6.5 dieselheads from Finland to develop a clever new tune. Originally designed to compliment the A Team Turbo, the KOJO tune is a big improvement in driveability, performance and torque, regardless of turbo choice. Our KOJO tune can also be custom configured for non-turbo GM diesels, and offers excellent power increases. We have added additional glow time for your colder climate starting! We can even program for the mysterious 5068 IP!



With GM-X turbos, you will see more immediate response, much higher horsepower and torque, and no more overboost codes when you turn up your turbo. (We recommend 12 psi as a nice safe boost level.) You will see very little smoke and much snappier boost over stock configurations.

Once you have made your purchase, Walking J will “interview” you either by phone or email, your choice, to see how you use your truck, what you want from it, what type fuel you will use, which turbo you are running, how heavy are you pulling, are you plowing? etc. There are many considerations for “your” specific truck that lead beyond a single tune. We will tune for your truck and for you.

Combine the KOJO chip with the A Team Turbo, you will see much quicker boost spooling, less smoke, and even more smooth power for towing. I think this quote from a customer says it best. “Wow, big difference on my truck, and I haven’t even installed the turbo.” Once he put on his A Team turbo, he sent another message. “Well, I guess I don’t need that Duramax.”


We sell our OBD-1 chip for $359, plus $12 shipping, and our OBD-2 setups for $359 + $159 (refundable core charge) + shipping. Please contact us for any questions you may have. We will need the 4 digit code from the top of your chip, and will need your VIN as well.

Thank you!


This is the finest tune available for the 6.5.  It is completely customized for your vehicle.  Turn around time can take between 6 and 8 weeks.  Thank you.