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Heath Diesel - PMD Isolator System

$549.00 - $569.00

Walking J is happy to announce that it has partnered with 6.5L Diesel innovators, Heath Diesel to provide you the time-proven Heath Diesel PMD Isolator system. The Heath system is engineered to provide an exceptionally long service life along with improved drivability and even better fuel economy. Demonstrating confidence in the product, Heath Diesel provides the PMD Isolator system with a no-nonsense 7-year warranty.
No other system can even begin to compare with the Heath PMD Isolator. It is built for the ‘long-haul’ and is backed by a real, 7-year warranty.

Available for all GM 6.5 powered trucks, 1994-2000, and 1996-2004 Hummer H1’s.

From the day they landed on dealers’ lots, 1994 and newer 6.5’s have suffered due to issues with their PMD (pump mounted driver) modules. These failed due to both heat and vibration. From the beginning, GM has mounted the module on the side of the fuel injection pump, which at 150* operating temperature, is the coolest thing in the engine compartment when the engine is working hard. However, even this temperature is enough to bring the module to its knees and many failed before a year had passed. Heath Diesel developed an innovative solution in 1994, well before the problem was widely understood. The design has proven to be a very good one, having remained in production without changes. When they had accumulated years of experience with these systems, worldwide, they felt confident in the introduction of the 7-year warranty.

Not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles

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