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Feed the Beast - A Team Fuel Manager

$299.00 - $359.00

When you first see how small the diameter of the inlet to the injector pump is on a GM 6.5L diesel, it is laughable. “How can so small a fuel line deliver enough fuel to move this fat pig,?” was my first thought.

At Walking J Designs, we’ve partnered with the inventor himself, who first came up with the idea of enlarging the fuel line from the fuel manager to the injector pump.

This modification prevents fuel starvation among modified and heavy towing 6.5 diesels. It has also proven to slow the demise of the poorly placed PMD. (Although, you still should really remove the PMD via a Heath type kit.)

Kit comes complete with Fuel Manager, modified with larger fittings, fuel line to the IP, and new fittings for the top of the IP. Your new fuel housing will be reconditioned, installed with new viton O-Rings for biofuels, and all functionality will be tested.

$299 price includes refundable $50 core charge.