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RattleStop - Complete Kit - Free Shipping!

$29.99 - $39.99

It is no secret that the venerable GM pickup from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s was a smash hit. Millions of these trucks were built from 1987-2000 and most of them are still on the road today. They are reliable, inexpensive to repair, and still look nice.  

After so much use, and in many cases, abuse, a little known design flaw has emerged. Cracks begin to form around the bolts holding the top of the dash in place. These cracks allow additional motion and flexing, which can damage the dash further and inevitably cause lot of unacceptable rattling. If the cracks have formed, the RattleStop prevents motion, decreases rattles and stablizes the dashboard to keep it from cracking worse. If cracks have not formed, they will, without our reinforcement kit.

Once the RattleStop is installed, your dash will benefit from more uniform pressure near the bolt holes, and less flexing. This will keep the rattles and cracks from forming, and can reduce rattles. A new dashboard from the dealer, is $977 with 8 hours labor. Many thousands were replaced under warranty, and now that the warranty is out, this expensive part will run out. Some colors of the dashes are already not available. One long time GM service manager I met commented “this is a must for all those old dashes. They are all out of warranty and we replaced a bunch of them!”

Turns out, the Dodge and Ford trucks benefit from a RattleStop installation as well.

Easily installed in minutes. Looks factory installed. Designed and manufactured in USA by Walking J Designs.

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