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BioPro 150 Biodiesel Processor

$4,995.00 - $12,995.00
  • Used BioPro 190 - Demo model Sold Out!

Batch Time: 48 Hours
Fully automated Reaction Process
ASTM-grade Production
Warranty: 1 Year

The BioPro 150 offers the same quality, ease of use, and safety that the BioPro 190 biodiesel processor and the BioPro 380 biodiesel processor are known for, but in a smaller, more economical package – producing 40 gallons of biodiesel every 48 hours. As with the BioPro 190 biodiesel processor and the BioPro 380 biodiesel processor , the BioPro 150 is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and all components are high quality, industrial grade.

There is nothing that performs with the ease and consistency of the BioPro 190 biodiesel processor. Designed with automation and ease of use in mind, the BioPro 190 biodiesel processor is, hands down, the easiest small scale way to produce biodiesel available today. This machine is ready to go out of the box. Its as simple as unloading the machine out of the crate and plugging it into the wall. Fill the main tank with your oil (up to the “Fill Line”), add your chemicals – methanol, sulfuric acid, and catalyst.and press the big green start button.It does not get any easier or simpler to make biodiesel.

If you need more proccessing capacity, then look no further then the BioPro 380. This is the best Biodiesel Processor on the market today. The BioPro 380 biodiesel processor has the capability to produce twice the output of the BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor, as well as making batches from 50, 75 to 100 Gallons every 48 hours. The BioPro 380 delivers both size, scale and flexibility. This machine allows you to produce 300 to 400 gallons a week. At 1200 gallons per month you could make enough to fuel a full size semi truck and make all of your deliveries on less than what you can pay at the pump. The BioPro 380 has the benefit of operating in the same way as the 190, press the big green start button and walk away. Yearly Production Capacity: Up to 15,200 Gallons of Biodiesel with the BioPro 380!

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