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6.5L Diesel Turbo Charger (A-Team) - Updated Intake!

$1,149.00 - $1,729.00
Sold Out!

The 6.5L GM turbo diesel is used in military, commercial and consumer vehicles, as well as thousands of marine craft. Now, improved power and fuel economy are available as a bolt on. Compare our price for a superior turbo to replacing your existing GM. It’s a “no-brainer.”  The A Team Turbo now comes with new and improved intake system.  5 ply silicone hose including stainless steel joiner.  Much improved update!  

The A-Team turbo will -

    • Decrease intake air temperature.
    • Decrease exhaust gas temperature.
    • Improve fuel economy.
    • Increase torque.
    • Increase horsepower.


The turbo uses a larger, more efficient housing design to decrease the exhaust backpressure/intake pressure ratio. By doing so, The A-Team turbo uses less boost while increasing the air volume through the motor. The lower boost decreases intake temperature and exhaust gas temperature. The greater air volume improves pulling power.

Combine the KOJO chip with the A Team Turbo, you will see much quicker boost spooling, less smoke, and even more smooth power for towing. I think this quote from a customer says it best. “Wow, big difference on my truck, and I haven’t even installed the turbo.” Once he put on his A Team turbo, he sent another message. “Well, I guess I don’t need that Duramax.”


Above shown with optional turbo blanket!

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