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It all arrived in spectacular shape, the candy bar wasn’t even crushed! Once again, it all looks to be top-notch quality, and i am impressed. Thanks again for your top notch service and products, I’ll be sure to shop in the future!
– NW Kansas

I just received the FTB kit today, it will make it an easy job to have all the parts at hand.
– Alberta, Canada

- they really tighten the dash up, and I didn’t even think mine was loose, nor did it rattle. Nice and secure now. Thanks Patrick! - Worcester, MA

WOW. It looks SO much better, AND the simple but clever design uses the screw to press gently down on the dash.

The dash looks better, it is being held down properly (again) and no longer is rattling around.

This is a very smart product, at an affordable price-point, made of quality materials, that is simple to install, and eliminates a nettlesome problem and helps prevent further damage!

A brilliant product!
– Kennewick, WA