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Planning - Problem Solving - Decision Analysis - Consulting

We help you think clearly so you can rapidly move your company forward.

We employ the same tips and processes that lean manufacturing companies worldwide and NASA have employed for decades to eliminate problems, prevent future problems, streamline business processes, improve decision making and drive results.

Facilitation - We facilitate your annual/semi annual planning processes with time proven processes and leave you with a game plan that your team can implement.  We will then check in throughout the year to help your team minimize the obstacles to completion.

Problem Solving - The most effective problem solving methodologies in the world can only be made better by preventing problems from happening in the first place.  We come to you as you make big changes in your operation, merge with other companies or other departments and help you lay out a pro-active problem mitigation strategy.  Wouldn't it be great to prevent problems rather than improving as "fire fighters?"

Opportunity Analysis - Where can we improve, and how can we take advantage of this new situation?  Business is always changing, and when it does, we are ready to help you take advantage.

Prioritization - If your business is changing radically or the issues that are piling up become overwhelming, call us.  We can help you make sense of the chaos and send your team on it's way with clear orders and priorities.

Experience - We have experience with Fortune 500 companies and Mom and Pop shops.  We've solved semiconductor manufacturing problems and created leadership development programs for up and coming financial institutions.  We can help you too.