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Walking J Designs

The Walking J group of companies was formed in 1942, as a farming company, founded by my Grandfather, John Henley Jr. John was a good farmer, but an even better tinkerer and inventor. Around the farm, you could always see many of his completed, and half completed gizmos, gadgets, goof ball ideas, and genius ideas.

The Walking J Designs company was formed in 2008 as an outlet for John’s grandson, Patrick, to continue the inventioneering history of Walking J. Patrick is a certified inventor, tinkerer and entrepreneur.

Walking J specializes in simple mechanical solutions, geared toward the automotive and energy sectors. Our company is available to manufacture your ideas, as well as other American inventions.

Our products are designed in the USA, manufactured in the USA, either patented or patent pending USA, and proudly sold throughout the world. You may contact us at

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