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A Team Turbo

  • 6.5L Diesel Turbo Charger (A-Team) - Updated Intake!

    The 6.5L GM turbo diesel is used in military, commercial and consumer vehicles, as well as thousands of marine craft. Now, improved power and fuel economy are available as a bolt on. Compare our price...

    $1,149.00 - $1,729.00

  • Walking J Turbo Blanket for ATT

    Walking J Customers know that high intake temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures will decrease power and eventually damage a hard working diesel motor.  How about an affordable solution?    Would you like more power?   Lower...


  • KOJO Tuning - 6.5 Diesels Customized for you!

      It has been some time since we’ve had a true advance in 6.5 diesel tuning. Leave it to a crazed gaggle of 6.5 dieselheads from Finland to develop a clever new tune. Originally designed...

    $399.00 - $1,349.00