It is no secret that the venerable GM pickup from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s was a smash hit. Millions of these trucks were built from 1987-2000 and millions still are on the road today. They are reliable, inexpensive to repair, and still look nice.

After hundreds of thousands of miles, extensive heat, 10+ years, sunlight, loud music, mud, guns, snow, coffee, beer and after shave exposure, an expensive design flaw is emerging. Cracks form around the bolts holding the top of the dash in place. We have found small cracks on over 60% of the trucks and Suburbans from 95-2000, and on over 40% of the 1987-1994 GMC and Chevrolet dashes. These cracks allow additional motion and flexing, slowly breaking the dash beyond repair, and inevitably causing unacceptable rattling. If cracks have formed, our reinforcement kit prevents the motion that breaks the dash. Our system decreases rattles and stabilizes the dashboard.

If cracks have not formed, they will. If cracks have not formed, and the kit is installed, your dash will benefit from less pressure, and less natural flexing. This will keep the rattles and cracks from forming, and eventually catastrophically breaking the dash.  If your truck already is cracked, the RattleStop is a great way to prevent further cracking and rattling.

Without some form of reinforcement, millions of dashboards are slowly sagging, breaking and rattling themselves to pieces. A new dash is roughly a $1,500 job from the dealer, and some colors are no longer available. The time bomb of the $1,500 repair, and possibly non-repairable interior can be averted with our simple reinforcement system.

A local long time GM Service Manager commented today that our reinforcement system is a “must have part, all of these dashes will break, we changed thousands of them under warranty.”

Easily installed in minutes. Factory color and look. Designed and manufactured in Boise, ID – USA by Walking J Designs.