For those who don't know, recycled vegetable oil is a valuable commodity with many uses, including biodiesel stock, natural and biodegradeable well drilling lubrication, soaps, lotions and potions and many others.  Many folks use recycled vegetable oil as an energy source for their modified diesel vehicles!  In fact, the Guinness book of world records will soon include a record holder for longest vehicle journey on alternative energy using recycled vegetable oil.  (Driven to Sustain.)  Driven to sustain stopped by Boise for a veggie refill from Walking J and a visit to the Boise Co-op en route to setting their record.  Below is a video describing their journey, and their fuel.

Why is the Walking J company so passionate about biofuels?  We began as a farming company, and the thought of becoming an energy supplier just by farming the correct crops, well that sounds like great fun to us!

Remember, if you are going to use Recycled vegetable oil as fuel, you will need to complete a tax form 75 for Idaho, and remit any due taxes each quarter.  Thank you!