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The Potato Run: A $0 Corporate/Church/Foodbank Collaboration

Posted on April 06, '10 by John Crow.

Recently my business partner and friend Doug Turner brought me a grocery sack full of big baker potatoes.  Doug is a farm kid from Declo, Idaho and his family is farms there today.  At the end of their harvest this year the Turners had "leftovers....

BioFuel - A Walking J Passion

Posted on March 22, '10 by John Crow.

For those who don't know, recycled vegetable oil is a valuable commodity with many uses, including biodiesel stock, natural and biodegradeable well drilling lubrication, soaps, lotions and potions and many others.  Many folks use recycled vege...

GM interior time bomb.

Posted on March 27, '09 by John Crow.

6/11/2009 It is no secret that the venerable GM pickup from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s was a smash hit. Millions of these trucks were built from 1987-2000 and millions still are on the road today. They are reliable, inexpensive to repair, a...